IBM Info-graphics Animated Explainer Video 2

Info graphics animated Explainer Video for IBM with French Subtitle and Text. The video series is extremely detailed and required high precision work from animation to voice sync.

The designing of these type of corporate explainer videos, requires a great deal of craftsmanship and knowledge of viewer engagement. Videos in itself and animation in general, don’t entice the corporate viewers until the main touch points are covered. The process is an amalgamation of great script writing, story boarding, illustration, custom designing, voice over and then a great deal of detailed motion graphics animation. All these come together to form an info-graphics videos, which conveys critical product/corporate information in an animated, engaging graphical manner.

These videos are a part of 6 Corporate info-graphics Video series, worked upon by us for IBM.


Here is another one from the same series.

IBM Explainer Series – Video 01

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