ISUZU Corporate – CRM Pitch / Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video / Pitch Video for Isuzu. This corporate pitch video was designed end to end by us for Isuzu to pitch their Parts Program CRM (CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT) to the Automobile Dealers.

The designing of these type of animated videos, requires a great deal of craftsmanship and knowledge of viewer engagement. The client required a very specific Explainer video to pitch their highly detailed Parts Program system to the dealers. The Video required to put forward all their UI, metrics, analysis services and concept in a highly delivering style keeping everything in line with the company branding.

The video showcases a very unique 3D isometric style still maintaining the minimalist approach and crisp animations

The process is an amalgamation of great script writing, story boarding, 3D illustration, custom designing, voice over and then a great deal of detailed motion graphics animation. All these come together to form an explainer video, which conveys critical product information in an animated, engaging graphical manner.

Clapstick Media provides specialized end to end professional services in Explainer Videos, Animation, Motion graphics, 3D animation, Modelling, VFX and Specialized Broadcast Graphics.

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Unique 3D isomeric style along with detailed UI animations and product features demo can provide a whole new perspective to the viewers


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