The Isometric Explainer Video Trend – 2021 | 2.5D Animation Videos

Isometric Explainer Video

Why is Isometric Explainer Video so trendy?


Quite simply, isometric design (aka 2.5D or flat 3D or illustrative 3D) is a method of drawing/creating a three-dimensional object in two dimensions. It works because isometric designs have shape, simplicity, and depth. They evoke the beauty of flat design but with an added depth and dimension that makes each element more visually appealing and easier for the user to understand. Isometric designs give you more perspectives on a subject. Being able to see the side and top of a design makes folks want to know more about it. Especially for businesses who give their customers more options, or whose product or service looks great in 3D, isometric designs are the perfect visual metaphor. The isometric technique also allows you to show more details with less clutter. Having the ability to show a space in 3D opens up nooks and crannies previously unavailable.

One of the pioneers in isometric explainer videos

Clapstick Media was one of the few pioneers to have adopted this isometric explainer video style very early on. From 2015 we are designing top notch isometric animation videos for clients like Chevrolet, ISUZU, IBM and more. This carefully crafted style requires high standard of planning, visualization, illustration and very complex animation techniques. The time required to design this style of videos are hence relatively more than their frequented motion graphics counterparts.

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Want to have video like these, developed for your own business or organization? We have got you covered. We have over a decade of expertise in crafting videos for some of the top corporate MNCs to basic level startups. Have a look at some of the following links. It will give you a fair idea about the designing process and our expertise.

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