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Top Animation Styles – Retail (B2C) and B2B marketing videos

Most effective types of Explainer videos –  The best animation styles for your business video in 2020

Why I need Explainer videos or Animation Videos?

Over 70% marketers vouch that videos produce a whopping 1200%+ increase in viewing impressions when compared to text. A video on your landing page can increase web-traffic by up to 40% and increase conversions by 80%, when done properly.

Surveys have found 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. And positive experience from a customer with a video ad can increase purchase intent by an astonishing 97%.

Research had shown viewers can retain 95% of a video’s message when compared to 10% while reading text. Hubspot, the leading CRM & Inbound marketing solution found that 80% of customers remember and can recollect a video viewed in the past month. These are astronomically high values when you want to drill your brand right into your potential leads.

A great video can provide an insanely high amount of targeted information in a very short amount of time. A one min video is said to be worth 1.8 million words!

Videos also drive organic traffic up by 150%, thus providing you with a major boost on the SEO side. Videos are more likely to be shared and viewed all over the internet and social media and in turn, generate more inbound links. More inbound links makes your website more authorities and hence boosts your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.

There are so many animation video styles! Which one is the right one?

Ok so you need an Explainer video. That’s understandable. With the global trend shifting towards video content, there is simply no better marketing strategy.

But the world of videos is vivid with a host of different styles to choose from.


Here we take a look at the top 5 most effective types of explainer videos with trending and time tested animation styles bound to deliver.

The styles are listed in no specific order. Each is unique and apt for target requirements.

FreeStyle Motion Graphics – Animation Explainer Videos

Probably the most popular and widely used style of animation video. The video is vibrant with a lot of moving parts. These videos are best if you are a startup and looking for a great marketing tool in a limited budget. With motion graphics, text animations, cartoon characters moving around and the ability to showcase web-based  non tangible services like software, website features, UI, UX, apps etc. this style perfectly matches whatever service you want to promote.

More advanced versions of this style has been used by top MNCs and Corporate houses to showcase their services. Though that part of the spectrum is much more detailed and branded as it requires a healthy budget.

Here are some samples ranging from the basic to corporate usage.

2.5D Isometric Motion Graphics / Animation Explainer Video

Now this style is completely different from the above 2 styles. Ultra-trending and compatible with the flat color trends of the modern era, this style is a winner. The detailed nature of the illustrations and the complexity of the video creation to depict a Flat yet 3D styled animation makes the video fit for thriving businesses and startups with solid project at hand. It looks superb, feels superb and makes your brand & service stand out of the crowd.

Top of the line Corporates, MNCs and Startups have used this style, which proves its potency.

3D Animation Videos

In the need to explain a physical product, real-estate, infrastructure, machinery, medical procedures, scientific working or complex physical concepts? Then this is THE STYLE.

Explode products or go deep inside the human skin, travel with the electrons on a circuit, simulate a nuclear reactor, showcase real-estate or demonstrate a complete infrastructure setup. It’s all possible with 3D. Imagination is the only limit! Pure 3D animation gives has liberty to explain anything, in any manner you need!

Nuclear reactors, advanced medicine, specialized lenses, skin care, broadcast graphics & what not! Here are some examples

Line Art styled – Animated Explainer Videos

Best for insurance, portfolio management, asset management, banking services and other financial products. This style is based on line animation, mixed with motion graphics, text. The look gives a top notch branded corporate feel. The best part is this style has the ability to accommodate a wide spectrum of approach, from detailed packed traditional animation to minimalist styled sleek animation. You get the creative freedom to do exactly what is custom needed for your requirement.

Here are some samples

2D Classical Animation

Old is gold! Use 2D Cartoon animations to expresses your story in the most traditional way. Provide a “Class Apart“ feel to your clients with the traditional approach. The style is time and resource intensive. True. But the results produced are vivid and with proper, planning, budget and execution can even be cinematic.

Notable Addition – Hybrid 3D + 2D Motion graphics Animation Explainer Videos

This is not a particular style in itself but a carefully planned and crafted hybrid of the two most demanded and proven styles. With a high expertise team in the production, this kind of video can provide the best possible impact while sustaining itself in the middle order of budget scale between Motion graphics Video style and pure 3D animation styles.

Surveys have found 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. And positive experience from a customer with a video ad can increase purchase intent by an astonishing 97%.


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